Pie Subscription Service


We: Source the finest seasonal ingredients, locally and organically, and bake them into fresh delicious pies and other tasty treats!

You: Love pie, and sign up to get one either once a week or once every other week. These are sometimes off-menu pies – flavors that are not on the regular menu or are made with special ingredients we can only get in limited supply. They are exclusive and elite and special. You want to be those things, don’t you, you usually-normal person? Hm? Hmmm??? PLUS: You’ll get a discount off of retail and maybe once in a while a free treat, like maybe some delicious pastry or fruit or something. I don’t know, it’s a surprise!!!!

Getting the Pie: You can choose to pick up any day of the week at our kitchen (2501 Phelps St. in San Francisco) or at one of our farmers market stand (Ferry Plaza on Saturdays.) For $15 more per delivery, you can also have a pie delivered to your home or office any day!

NOTE: Please be there to accept the pie. You don’t want anybody else thinking the pie is for them. I have had many a sandwich and even a delicious roasted chicken stolen from the work fridge. Trust me, people will just TAKE WHAT THEY WANT with no consideration for ownership! I mean, really?! Did you think that chicken had been abandoned?! People these days!

If you are going out of town, just call us or email us and we can schedule your pie for a different week.

Tell us about you: We encourage all of our subscribers to let us know what you like and don’t like. Seriously, if you don’t like rhubarb (you Picky McChooserton) just let us know. If you want something straight off the menu, we can give you that instead! (I don’t know, maybe you hate surprises and you hate feeling special.)

Let's do this!