Corporate Catering & Gifts

Three Babes Corporate Gold: We do more than just pie! We offer muffins, cookies, sweet and savory breakfast pastries, and more to our corporate clients. Learn more!

Just a few reasons to party with pies:

Client Gifts:
Celebrating Milestones: Sending freshly baked pies for client anniversaries is a great way to to remind your clients what you’ve achieved together in the past year.
Customer Acquisition: Time and time again, our customers report than sending a freshly-baked Three Babes pie is an extremely effective way to move clients from leads to completed sales. In fact, our biggest customers report that offering pies as a reward for signing up for their service is the most effective closing technique they’ve ever employed, and they’ve tried all kinds of other gifts!
Staying Top of Mind: A regular pie subscription is a great way to remind your clients how much you appreciate their business!

Employee Appreciation:
Birthdays and Employee Anniversaries: 
As your company grows, celebrating birthdays becomes more and more complicated for your office team. Make it easy by setting up recurring deliveries from Three Babes! All birthday deliveries come with a festive hat and candles!
Team Building: Schedule a pie-making class as a company offsite!
Holiday Gifts: Thank your team and their families with holiday pies. July 4th, Pi Day (3.14), Labor Day and Thanksgiving are all great opportunities to show appreciation for your hardworking staff!
Candidate Acquisition: Want to excite a promising candidate? Pies could just be the answer!
Corporate Dining: Want to liven up the lunch hour? Try an assortment of pies!

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